It’s all about hope

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It’s all about hope

What is it about romance that touches my heart? Hope.

The idea that everyone is lovable makes me happy. No matter what the hero and heroine have gone through, there is always hope that love will come to them, enriching their lives every single day.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a woman needs a man to complete her (stealing the cheesy line from Jerry McGuire), but I do believe having a partner to face life makes the bad times seem not so bad and the good ones even sweeter.

For me, all relationships are built on trust. With a boss and employee, you want to believe they’re not out to use you to get ahead. Without that trust, work can be a minefield where you’re over-analyzing the other’s motives all the time.

A child has to trust that their parents want what’s best for them. It starts developing when they’re a baby, and it’s the security their world is built on.

And in a loving relationship, you have to trust your partner to not to want to intentionally hurt you. Because he will sometime. That’s life. But knowing he’s not trying to makes all the difference in being able to forgive.

So join me in the romances of our lives, trusting love to forgive yesterday and promise tomorrow.

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